Return of Nassau

How this happend

In the city of Ephesus a trio of adventurers; two humans; one in the regalia of a Cleric to the devotion of Lothos, and the other a ranger, along with a dwarven companion, sat in the Laughing Ladies Tavern listening to an old grizzled dwarf speak. "Ledged has it that Nassau was frozen in statue form, for it was the only way he would be truly gone. He like so many other powerful beings could come back from death, and be stronger than they were when they were alive. It is also said that with him he has artifacts more powerful than the gods themselves. A robe made of the skin of good fairing peoples: Dwarfs, Elves, Humans and the likes. Supposedly it has magic invested into it that would make most wizards and warlocks faint at the mere thought of it; what it does, no one knows."

 The Dwarven member of the trio looks at his kin in the eyes with skepticism, "Iffin yer tellin me that no one knows what it does, den why do dah finger wigglers get all googly over it?"

 "Because kin," the older dwarf answered back, "because it's powers aren't known, but to those that cast magic can feel its presence, and they say that is how he overwhelmed the mages that fought him. His cloak overwhelmed them with such a feeling of magic it forced them to black out.

"Understand that while the wandering dead up above can be dispatched by a decently strong child, the creatures below will actually take some work to destroy, and Nassau's treasure will likely be guarded by some sort of undead servants."

The company leaves Ephesus to find their quick fame and fortune in the lair of Nassau the Corrupt. They arrive at the cemetery in a few hours,

“Now I’m wonderin’ why day be putting a cemetery all da way out here,” the Dwarf said in hushed tones. His cleric companion looked down at the Dwarf, annoyance clearly showing on his face. “Because HammerCrash, if there is no way to keep the undead from rising, make sure they stay as far away from your city as possibly.” The Dwarf grunted, “Bah dun make no sense. Yerself could put up wards to keep these tings from rising.”

“But not without a constant amount of effort, and with a city as ‘neutral’ as Ephesus the council would never agree on which church should have the ‘privilege’ to keep these things from spawning.” The Dwarf looked up with confused eyes. “It’s easier that way, my gods Neerman you can be thick.”

“Ok you two, it is quiet time,” the ranger cut in. “It is time to grow up and get our fortune.”


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